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Apr 19

Hartford Selects eProperty Innovations to Launch Land Bank

eProperty Innovations was selected following a competitive RFP process to support the launch and initial operations of the Hartford Land Bank in Hartford, CT. The Hartford Land Bank is a non-profit organization formed to assist Hartford’s capital city reactivate vacant lots and land. eProperty Innovations is working with the land bank board to develop policies and procedures, an initial staffing plan and budget, and a community engagement strategy. The project is led by Brian White, GM & Director for Strategic Engagement.


Mar 19

Athens County Land Reutilization Corporation

Athens County Land Reutilization Corporation became the 5th Ohio land bank to adopt ePropertyPlus™ when it went live on March 14, 2019. Athens County took advantage of eProperty Innovations‘ land bank start-up program to establish a solid software foundation for their future growth and development.


Mar 19

STR.Grants, LLC is now eProperty Innovations, LLC.

For more than 30 years, our team has provided community revitalization services, rooted in data and technology, to public and private sector clients. Our core capabilities remain our award-winning ePropertyPlus™ software, developed in consultation with Center for Community Progress and Michigan land banks, and our insightful business consulting services. Today, we support more than 30 government and private sector community development organizations nationwide.

eProperty Innovations includes ePropertyPlus™, our software product, and eProperty Solutions, our strategic consulting services.

eProperty Innovations previously operated as STR LLC and managed the successful eGrantsPlus platform that supported the $8 billion HUD/CDBG-funded Road Home homeowner rebuilding program for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


Feb 19

City of Riverside, CA

The City of Riverside, CA adopted ePropertyPlus™ to support its Real Property Service department, February 28, 2019. Riverside is the second California city using ePropertyPlus™. Los Angeles is the other.


Jan 19

Chautauqua County Land Bank 2019

Chautauqua County Land Bank began 2019 with a subscription to ePropertyPlus™, becoming the 4th New York land bank currently using ePropertyPlus™. Albany County Land Bank, Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank, and Greater Syracuse Land Bank all rely on ePropertyPlus™. Chautauqua County went live on January 31, 2019.


Jan 19

Land Banking in Central Illinois Expands with eProperty Innovations

The Village of Rantoul retained eProperty Innovations to complete an initial feasibility study towards start a land bank in Champaign County. The study concluded a new land bank could benefit Champaign County communities, but encouraged a regional land bank with the Vermilion County Land Bank Authority in neighboring Vermilion County as a better option. As a result of the efforts of municipal stakeholders in both counties, a new, regional land bank for East Central Illinois is in development. The project is led by Brian White, GM & Director for Strategic Engagement.



Oct 18

2018 Homes Within Reach

We will be exhibiting at the 2018 Homes Within Reach Conference October 29-31 at the Hilton in Harrisburg, PA. We hope to meet you there!


Oct 18

Exhibiting at the Ohio Land Bank Conference

We will be exhibiting at the Ohio Land Bank Conference October 22-24 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Stop by and see us!


Jul 18

EPropertyPlus Mobile App Provides Remote Control!

We are listening! The newest update to our Mobile App allows you to update Property Records in the Field-remotely on your Apple or Android device. ePropertyPlus™ Mobile now allows you to edit your property records and upload attachments all from your hand-held device. Also view applications, services, attachments, and notes associated with a property on the GO! No more waiting until you are back in the office!


May 18

EPropertyPlus on the Go for All Platforms!

ePropertyPlus™ Mobile now runs on iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Android Tablets, making it even easier to access and update your property inventory on the go. Look up records, attach photos, and take notes from the field. Part of our ongoing commitment to make ePropertyPlus™ better than ever.


May 18

Reclaiming Vacant Property Proud Sponsor

STR, LLC is a proud sponsor of the eighth national Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference (RVP) hosted by the national nonprofit Center for Community Progress. The conference will be at the Wisconsin Center and is expected to draw approximately 1,000 nonprofit, government, business, and community leaders to the city from 35-40 states.


Apr 18

Waterbury Leverages Data to Drive Blight Elimination Efforts

ePropertyPlus to Support Decision Making and Operations

Breaking down data silos to leverage data more effectively is a principal reason Waterbury recently selected ePropertyPlus™ to support their blight elimination team. Waterbury becomes the first Connecticut city to adopt ePropertyPlus™.

As a cloud-based solution, ePropertyPlus™ is ideal for coordinating across departments. Users don’t need to be physically co-located. Sharing data across systems presents a different sort of hurdle, but one ePropertyPlus™ is equipped to overcome. ePropertyPlus™ has a built-in application programming interface (API) that lets ePropertyPlus™ share data with other systems.


Mar 18

Houston Land Bank Chooses EPropertyPlus

In adopting ePropertyPlus™ the Houston Land Bank is selecting the premier cloud-based tool for converting data to strategic information. With its unique combination of GIS-centric public and staff sites and its unparalleled back-end database, ePropertyPlus™ offers an intuitive, nimble and scalable system for Houston Land Bank to manage its portfolio and support key initiatives like Complete Communities, a signature effort of Mayor Sylvester Turner, and the ongoing Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.



Oct 17

Licking County Land Bank Becomes 23rd Land Bank to Implement EPropertyPlus

Licking County Land Bank in Newark, Ohio works to return blighted property to productive use and stabilize property values, improving the quality of life in communities across the county. As an agent of the County for the reclamation, rehabilitation, and reutilization of real property, the land bank is an open and transparent organization that strives to be strategic, efficient, and effective. The land bank is adopting STR’s ePropertyPlus™ Start Up Program to boost its operations.


Sep 17

Indianapolis Chooses EPropertyPlus to Support Community Revitalization

Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development (Indy DMD) recently selected STR’s ePropertyPlus™ as the software solution to support Renew Indy and their comprehensive community revitalization efforts. With ePropertyPlus™, Renew Indianapolis and Indy DMD are adopting the premier cloud-based tool for converting data into strategic information and efficiently managing the revitalization of Indy neighborhoods. With its GIS-centric public and staff sites and unparalleled back-end database, ePropertyPlus™ offers Renew Indy an intuitive, nimble and scalable system for managing its portfolio and promoting opportunities to development partners.


Sep 17

Wilmington Land Bank Prepares for a Quick Start with ePropertyPlus

Wilmington, DE is a city of neighborhoods with distressed properties scattered throughout otherwise stable communities. The city acquired dozens of those properties and now it’s partnering with the WNLBC to get them out to its community development partners and put back to productive use. To achieve that objective, WNLBC is turning to ePropertyPlus™.


Jul 17

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Adopts ePropertyPlus

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha changes lives by providing stable, affordable housing. Their mission just got a big boost through the adoption of ePropertyPlus ™.

“The biggest benefit ePropertyPlus ™ provides to us is the ability to track data for present and future properties and enhances our collaboration with the Omaha Municipal Land Bank. We will also import data from previous years for fund raising purposes, cost estimates, and tracking. ePropertyPlus ™ allows us to send notifications and generate documents associated with our Habitat programs. By transitioning to ePropertyPlus, we were able to let go of other software tools we were paying for.”

– Daniel Brewer, Director of Property Acquisition Habitat for Humanity of Omaha


Jun 17

Pennsylvania’s Tri-COG Land Bank Becomes 20th Land Bank to Adopt ePropertyPlus

The Tri-COG Land Bank is a new Pennsylvania land bank committed to giving Allegheny County communities more power over the direction and speed of revitalization within their borders. An Lewis, Tri-COG’s Executive Director, recognizes the strategic value of ePropertyPlus ™ for her emerging land bank organization. Using STR’s new ePropertyPlus™ startup program is allowing them to get up and running quickly with acquisition planning and stakeholder support activities, as they move toward acquisitions, property management, and disposition.

“The Tri-COG Land Bank is brand new. Our unique structure requires we be progressive in our approach to land banking. We are excited to partner with ePropertyPlus™. Having a system that is designed specifically for land banks will ensure our operations are established in a way that has been tried and tested by other successful land banks. Their new startup program allows us to adopt the software early in our process and grow into it at our own pace.”

– An Lewis, Executive Director, Tri-COG Land Bank


Jan 17

Allen County Selects ePropertyPlus to administer NIP and other programs

The Allen County Land Reutilization Corporation (ACLRC) was established in accordance with ORC 1724 in January of 2016 under the direction of the Allen County Treasurer’s Office. The ACLRC serves as a resource to Allen County’s communities to address vacant and abandoned property issues and promote neighborhood stabilization. Through its activities, residential, commercial, and industrial properties that are certified tax delinquent, vacant, and creating blighting influences on a community may be considered for acquisition.

“As a new land bank with limited funds, the ePropertyPlus ™ team came up with a start-up model that worked for us financially and provided us with a proven land bank software solution that will help us administer our NIP and other programs”



Dec 16

Hennepin County’s Resident and Real Estate Services Selects ePropertyPlus

The County of Hennepin’s Division of Resident and Real Estate Services Department is implementing ePropertyPlus ™ as their Tax-Forfeited Property Management Solution. The County required a centralized data solution to be used by department team members to accurately and effectively leverage information related to real tax-forfeited properties they manage on behalf of the state of Minnesota.


Oct 16

Vermilion County Becomes 18th Land Bank to Adopt ePropertyPlus

Recently-formed Vermilion County Land Bank adopts ePropertyPlus to support is strategic acquisition and disposition activities

In one of its first official actions, the board of the Vermilion County Land Bank (VCLB) unanimously approved implementing ePropertyPlus™ as it ramps up efforts to put vacant and distressed properties back to productive use in this central Illinois county. The VCLB is Illinois’ newest land bank, formed through an intergovernmental agreement between Vermilion County and several of its local municipalities. In advocating for the software, directors highlighted that ePropertyPlus™ will provide transparency and flexibility for its member communities and the public at large.


Sep 16

Pittsburgh’s Real Estate Division joins Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh in using ePropertyPlus

The City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Finance Real Estate Division is implementing ePropertyPlus™ to reduce operational challenges and the associated risks that come from relying on manual, paper-driven processes and stand-alone databases and spreadsheets. Pittsburgh joins clients ranging in size from the City of Schenectady and Calhoun County to the City of Los Angeles and Cook County, as well as The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh who has been using ePropertyPlus™ for the last two years.


Jul 16

Omaha Municipal Land Bank

Becomes Latest to Select ePropertyPlus for Property Inventory Management

ePropertyPlus™ has been implemented by Land Banks, Redevelopment Authorities, and Real Estate Services Departments across 10 states. ePropertyPlus™ Delivers Operational Efficiency & Public Transparency within weeks!


May 16

Birmingham Municipal Land Bank

Becomes Latest to Select ePropertyPlus for Property Inventory Management

The Birmingham Land Bank Authority’s (BLBA) Board of Directors recently selected STR’s ePropertyPlus™ as its property inventory management software solution, following a competitive RFP process that attracted attention from a variety of software firms and organizations. ePropertyPlus™ was selected based on a combination of performance, price, and STR’s experience serving land banks across the country.


May 16

The City of Schenectady becomes latest ePropertyPlus subscriber

ePropertyPlus™ is the proven, award-winning, cloud-based, single source property portfolio repository that can help facilitate economic development opportunities within your City or County. One of the biggest challenges facing municipalities is the need for a property inventory solution that includes both internal and public facing components. The added exposure and transparency of managing a public facing component is a primary reason why clients continue to select ePropertyPlus™ as their core property management solution.


Apr 16

City of Los Angeles Implements ePropertyPlus

When City of Los Angeles needed a comprehensive, interactive listing of city-owned properties, it turned to ePropertyPlus

Like all cities, Los Angeles owns a wide variety of properties, including properties available for disposition, redevelopment or alternative uses. Keeping track of properties located in different databases and systems is time consuming, inefficient, and onerous. The City was also not able to effectively communicate with the public and interested redevelopment partners about what properties are available and for what use.


Jan 16

Albany County (NY) has big plans for its land bank and ePropertyPlus is helping take them to the next level

“With ePropertyPlus™, our staff will spend less time managing paper and more time getting properties back into productive use. ePropertyPlus™ gives us a proven tool that is already being used successfully in New York and around the country. We’re excited to get started with STR,” says Albany County Land Bank Executive Director, Katie Bronson. Since 2013, ePropertyPlus™ has been deployed in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Missouri.



May 15

City of Reading launches Opportunity Map with ePropertyPlus

The City of Reading has partnered with STR, the lead provider of cloud based property portfolio management software, and their online platform ePropertyPlus™, to provide this public access to search for available properties.


Mar 15

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh Goes Live with ePropertyPlus

The public can now search and filter Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh available properties online, visualize map layers for neighborhoods, wards, zoning, and more. For each individual property, you can inquire about the programs its eligible for, and access the county parcel record for each property.



Jun 14

Cook County Land Bank Authority will be using ePropertyPlus

We are excited to announce that Cook County Land Bank Authority awarded contract to provide Land Bank Property Inventory Tracking System to STR/ePropertyPlus™. Looking forward to provide innovative solutions for complex problems Land Bank faces.


Jun 14

Winner of Amazon City on a Cloud Partners in Innovation Challenge, $25000 grand prize award

ePropertyPlus is one of the winner of $25,000 grand prize awards for their Amazon Web services – City on a Cloud Partners in Innovation Challenge, recognizing applications that solve local government challenges. We are thrilled with this award based on the over 800 government agencies worldwide…



Nov 13

Over 50,000 blighted and vacant properties now managed within ePropertyPlus

We want to share this milestone of 50,000 properties being managed in ePropertyPlusTM with our clients, as well as all organizations that are improving their communities through the reuse of vacant and blighted properties across the country.


Jun 13

ePropertyPlus is now on the Go!

Do you have an iPad? Now you can find the eePropertyPlusTM mobile application in the Apple App Store The ePropertyPlusTM mobile application is the fast and easy way to access your property records everywhere you go. Download ePropertyPlusTM and start using these mobile features today:
+ View Properties on Interactive Maps
+ Photograph your Properties and Upload Photos
+ Add Property Notes

ePropertyPlusTM Mobile requires an ePropertyPlusTM account. It is available for free for current subscribers. Access to the features listed here are subject to the permission assigned to your user account. In future versions of the mobile application, we will be adding additional features for you to use on the go. Also coming soon, use ePropertyPlusTM mobile on your Google Android tablet.


Jun 13

City of Kansas City, City of Columbus, and Fulton County/City of Atlanta Select ePropertyPlus to Manage Their Inventory of Vacant and Blighted Properties Newly Established and Mature Land Banks Join Growing List of ePropertyPlus Clients Fairfax, VA (PRWEB)

STR, the leading provider of cloud based property portfolio management software is proud to announce three new ePropertyPlusTM subscribers. Missouri’s City of Kansas City Land Bank Authority, Ohio’s City of Columbus Land Bank, and Georgia’s Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority will use ePropertyPlus as their core property management solution.

Municipalities are struggling with managing their growing inventories of vacant and blighted properties. “There are millions of vacant properties across the country draining local resources, tax revenues, property values, and neighborhood spirit. ePropertyPlusTM helps municipalities increase their operational efficiency, improve transparency, and provide a higher level of customer service to the public,” said Scott Meyer, President of STR.

ePropertyPlusTM provides end-to-end parcel inventory management from pre-acquisition planning through final disposition, including extensive inventory search functionality, broad mapping capabilities, online service provider management, flexible program configuration, and real time reporting. A key component of ePropertyPlusTM is its public view that provides public access to search for available properties, apply for properties on-line, and monitor the status of any applications they have submitted online. The 24/7 public view increases the online services to your community, and reduces the number of phone calls about available properties and status of applications submitted.

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